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We served up London based new ElectroPop artist Patchy’s Picnic video earlier this year. Picnic was her début single, and she’s already unleashed a whole album of material on the world. Released this week, Illuminations runs the gauntlet of electronic music influences and them packages them all up in a sweet Pop parcel.

Dreams, the albums opened delivers on this perfectly, from it’s shuffling beats to it’s big post-Dubstep warbling, it’s all made accessible by Patchy’s quirky and inviting voice. The bubbling and infectious single Picnic gives way to the almost Kraftwerkian beats and electronic pulses of Brixtonia and the magical garden Dub of Solutions. By this point in the album you’re beginning to fall into Patchy’s groove. Truly ecclectic and interesting electronic music with a Pop sugar coating that it quite a refreshing combination. The vocals are sweet and catchy and slightly introverted in a way that makes them appealing, but the music shows off some really intricate programming and arrangement and draws on a myriad of underground styles. There are, of course, big Pop moments, such as the sweeping Happy Dark Spirit but as the album serves up it’s final third it’s all complex and atmospheric synths, robotics beats and vocals that get more and more brooding. The tension is broken though as the record plays out on Starting Now, a track that injects Patchy with a Disco swing and a catchy piano hook. It;s a confident début for this young artist, a name we’ll be keeping an eye on form now on.

♫ Patchy – Starting Now

Patchy’s Illuminations is out now.

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