[MP3] Little Boots reMixed by Cosmic Kids



Hot on the heels of the storming release of her sophomore album Nocturnes, the queen of ElectroPop Little Boots has snuck out this funky little reMix of the album’s preceding single Broken Record. Not on the official release, this rework comes from LA duo Cosmic Kids.

Cosmic Kids bring a little Tropical flavour and dreamy, laid back, LA Disco vibe to the track. Never veering to far into full on poolside Disco thought, The duo keep things pretty Housey, with a burbling Acid bassline and pumping beat. Cavernous synths swirl around the track, weaving themselves in and out of ghostly vocal snatches, while the overall moody groove is offset with bright, shimmering chimes. Lush, spaces Disco/House sounds right here.

Little Boots – Broken Record (Cosmic Kids reMix)

Little Boots’ Broken Record is out now.

Buy Little Boots’ music from:

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