[Audio] Russ Chimes reMixes Josh Kumra


Josh Kumra

Check out the latest reMix from Mr. Russ Chimes. I think out love for this guys music is pretty well documented by now, so we’ll shut up about it this time. Josh Kumra is an artist who’s new to us, but seems to have been building some serious hype in the past few months, especially around the release of his début album, Russ has delivered a reMix of his track, The Answer, which is out now.

We had a quick listen to the original, it seemed pretty stand public-school-boy-acoustic-Pop which is so prevalent in the UK right now, but Chime’s turns that right on it’s head, grabbing vocal snatches of the original and weaving them into an mysterious, evolving House tune that’s as energetic as it is compelling. One of the things we dig about Chimes’ music is the little flourishes and fills that litter his tunes, and this one if no exception, it’s coursing House groove is peppered with rolls, dips and tape stops, giving each section an added excitement. Layer all this with a big Rave lead and you’ve got a powerful dancefloor juggernaut.

♫ Josh Kumra – The Answer (Russ Chimes reMix)

Josh Kumra’s The Answer is out now.

Buy Josh Kumra’s music from:


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