[MP3] Chvrches reMix Ms Mr


Ms Mr

We’re definitely glad that Glaswegian ElectroPop heroes Chvrches are reMixing more and more these days. It gives you a good insight into their musical backgrounds and how they handle music when not necessarily worrying about the songwriting. They’ve delivered some good stuff of late, and this new reMix for New York moody Pop duo Ms Mr is no exception.

Taking the duos track Hurricane, Chvrches work their magic and offer up something that is unmistakable their own, but with, perhaps, a more playful side to it. Especially the chorus, which is pure 80s Electronic Soul, complete with electric zaps and popping purcussion alongside big orchestral stabs. Blending multiple catchy melodies Chvrches make the particularly melancholy track, upbeat and Poppy. We’d definitely like to see some of this retro work on the next Chvrches release please.

Ms Mr – Hurricane (Chvrches reMix)

Ms Mr’s album Secondhand Rapture is out 14th May.

Buy Ms Mr’s music from:


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