[MP3] Charli XCX & Marina And The Diamonds


Chalir XCX & Marina And The Diamonds

Inevitable collaboration of the century? Or the collaboration we always expected to happen, but never really thought, for whatever reason, would happen. But it has. Not content with being US tour buddies and generally hanging out and causing trouble, the two most interesting female ElectroPop artists in the UK Charli XCX and Marina And The Diamonds have only gone and done a track together!

Put together in celebration of their impending North American tour together, which kicks off today, the duet, Just Deserts, reeks of raw emotional power, and fun. These guys obviously had a good time recording the track, and amongst the pulsating synth bass and tribal drumming is a powerful song that plays perfectly to this duo’s take on girl power. It also plays to both of their vocal strengths, before listening we wondered how their two very distinct vocal styles would mesh, but their almost call-and-response direction allows their voices to weave in and out of each other. This track is mesmerizing.

Charli XCX’s True Romance and Marina And The Diamonds’ Electra Heart albums are both out now.

Buy Charli XCX’s music from:

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