[Audio] College’s ‘Révélation’



Révélation is the first track to break ground from Valerie head honcho and Dreamwave/SynthWave pioneer College. Yes, there’s actually a new College album on the way, because y’know, it’s not all about Drive. Heritage is released in April and, a few testers aside, Révélation is out première glimpse of what to expect from the new record.

Révélation definitely has a classic Valerie sound to it. A dreamier side to SynthWave we haven’t seen in a while, the haunting chimes and low rolling pads don;t really crop up in the genre these days where it’s all about driving fast, or whatever. Révélation goes a different route and reminds us what moods SynthWave originally crafted. Nostalgic, but fresh, this track carries you along with it’s pulsating bassline into it’s hazy clouds of ringing melodies. We’re very interested to discover what the album holds.

♫ College – Révélation

College’s Heritage is released 2nd April worldwide, but you can pick up the very limited edition white vinyl right now.

Buy College’s music from:


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