[MP3] Kash reMixes Cassie



Here’s an interesting little oddity that really grows on you.London based ElectroPop singer/songwriter Kash, who you may remember from Viceroy’s reMix of his track Long Way From Home, was basically mucking around with a track, injected the vocal from Cassie’s Me & U and came up with some serious deep warehouse brilliance. Sometimes happy accidents do happen, like that time we redesigned electronic rumors on a whim and it turned out alright.

It’s a hypnotic tune, and by hypnotic we don’t mean repetitive, more like entrancing. All low kicks and enigmatic keys, the reMix is perfectly formed to loose yourself in, in some dingy, dark club. Saying Cassie’s voice is pitched down doesn’t quite do them justice. A better explanation would be to say Kash has transformed her vocals in to some kind of House flavoured Gregorian chant, that weave in and out of his smokey backing track. If you get into this track, just be sure you can get out again.

Cassie – Me & U (Kash reMix)

Kash’s Playing The Fool single is out now.

Buy Cassie’s music from:


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