[MP3] Xtrafunk’s ‘Seek.’



Sit back, put your feet up, relax, grab a JD & Coke, there’s a new tune from Germany’s king of the laid back, smooth grooves Xtrafunk. Every time, Xtrafunk delivers the finest dreamy chilled vibes and his new one, Seek. is no exception, so prepare to melt into your speakers. Right now a Siberian wind has hit the UK (like, actually a cold front from Siberia), so we’ve been hit with snow and ice, but this is exactly the tune to warm us up and make us think of sunnier days.

Seek. slowly build’s itself throughout it’s five minute run. Starting you off gradually with a lazy Funk bassline and some mellow electric piano before starting to bring the Disco with a sparkling lead line and vocal snatches. Layers of Cosmic snyths are piled on until the track breaks into a sweet vintage string riff, albeit with odd timing, to usher the song to it’s finale. Grab your shades from the back of the wardrobe (unless you live in a country that has actual nice weather this time of year, or are a poser) and get this on.

Xtrafunk – Seek.

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