[Audio] Russ Chimes’ ‘Turn Me Out’


Russ Chimes

Out on Deconstruction soon is the new one from Mr. Russ Chimes. A new Chimes record sis, as you’ll know if you’re a long-time reader, is something we get pretty excited about ‘round these parts. I hate to use the phrase ‘flawless career’, but Daytona  and before with stuff on his MySpace, he’s not released a duff track yet. Of course, I’ve just gone and jinxed it now. My bad.

The jinx doesn’t take effect just yet though, as Chimes’ latest tune, Turn Me Out, is a big House monster that, once again, proves why he’s the top of his game. It’s a track that nicely bridges the new Housemeister Russ Chimes with the old Dreamwave guru Russ Chimes, as a big diva vocal hook and warehouse bass play together with sparking arpeggios and atmospheric strings. Complimented with a nice, deep, northern, Synth bass and a hint of Tropical vibes, Turn Me Out has a little something for everyone on the dancefloor. Which is probably why Russ first made it to DJ with. I wonder if Chimes turned his attention to Heave Metal, if he would be better than everyone else at that too?

♫ Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out

Russ Chimes’ Turn Me Out is forthcoming on DeConstruction.

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