[MP3] Chaconne



This week new artist Chaconne stopped by the electronic rumors inbox to show off his tracks. We say new, he’s got stuff on SoundCloud dating back two years, but new to us at least. And we’re very glad he did, this Oxford based producer is turning out some of the beat late 80s Influenced SynthWave-with-a-House-and-Disco-swing we’ve heard in a while. It’s hard to know where to start with Chaconne, all of his tunes are top quality, be here’s a few of our standouts.

Heart To Heart is Chaconne’s latest work, and one of his best. Joining the dots between 80s Electric Soul and modern (retro) Disco and House. it’s like someone took a Five Star instrumental and re-edited it into a Nu-Disco floorfiller. Pure genius.  Loaded with a bouncy FM bassline, slick 80s stabs and pulsating digital brass, alongside a solid groove and washed with modern production techniques, Chaconne really does modernise a classic sound. This results is something that sounds authentic, rather than ‘inspired by’. Totally a 12” extended mix! This Last Dance is more typical SynthWave. A beautiful, emotional synthesizer piece with an Italo flavour and all the musical narrative of the best 80s soundtrack work. Rich in densely layered synths, This Last Dance lifts you up and drops you down in all the right places, subtly carrying you along in it’s moods. Romance And Revolution was another standout, a powerful, driving slab of nostalgic energy. Punchy bass, big piano chords and some shuffling Tervor Horn-esque lead lines build and build toward the tracks crescendo, a swirling symphony of vintage sounds. This is what SynthWave is like when it;s done by people from the UK, a little less Miami Vice, a little more The Bill, and that’s Top Of The Pops perfect for us.

♫ Chaconne – Heart To Heart

Chaconne – This Last Dance

♫ Chaconne – Romance And Revolution

Check out more from Chaconne on SoundCloud.

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