[MP3] Christa Vi remixed by Skitch

Christa Vi

London based singer/songwriter Christa Vi’s Your Heart is getting on in music years now. Originally brought to our attention way back on November 2011 and released n March last year it’s settled in as one of those songs that occasionally pops into your head for no reason other than it’s stored in your brains ‘unnervingly catchy’ bank. The tracks track was given a new lease of life yesterday with a brand new video and a brand new reMix. the video, a stop motion epic that makes our brains hurt when we think about making it, can be seen here, the remix can be heard below.

South London producer Skitch, who used to be one half of Blende, delivers a straight-up Disco jam. Like the first wave of French Touch, this tune is a heavily filtered groover. the high point of the reMix is the innovative use of the vocals, which sees Skitch cutting and pasting the lyrics to create new sentiments and a vocal hook that fits his pool party Disco perfectly.

Christa Vi – Your Heart (Skitch reMix)

Buy Christa Vi’s music from:


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