[MP3] Marina And The Diamonds’ new song

Marina And The Diamonds

Marina And The Diamonds chose Valentine’s Day, yesterday, to drop a brand new track, the fittingly titled E.V.O.L. Which is very nice of her, what’s double nice is that E.V.O.L feels like old Marina, pre-Stargate-produced-big-90’s-Trance-leads Marina. And we love it!

Produced by Liam Howe (mega-producer and the one from Sneaker Pimps who wasn’t Chris Corner), E.V.O.L is the track we’ve been waiting for Marina to release for what seems like ages. Don’t get us wrong, we quite enjoyed (most of) Electra Heart, but it was no The Family Jewels. This track feels, lyrically, the more recent, mature, Marina but sonically it’s up there with Mowgli’s Road in it’s ElectroPop quirkiness, bombast and sheer Indie excitement. Showing off everything we love about Marina’s vocals and is catchy as hell to boot. We’re hoping this is nudging herself back into a place where she sounds (to us) more comfortable. Love it. Now if we can just get Russ Chimes and Mille reMixes…

Marina And The Diamonds – E.V.O.L

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