[Audio] Arvo Prime

Arvo Prime

Some heavy and melodic Electro now from relative newcomer Arvo Prime. In the past few months this German producer has racked up a fairly impressive volume of tunes on his SoundCloud. Obviously influenced by Ed Banger Records and the French Electro scene, it’s rare for an up-and-coming artists to be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with their inspirations, but Arvo Prime does just that with ease.

Lin is his latest tune and, as with all his tracks, the lazy thing to do would be to compare him to Justice, which I’m sure will happen to this guy a lot. But many time he out-Justices Justice on sheer musicality of his tunes and production style. Lin is an epic, baroque, Electro tune, crammed full of complex melodies and a pounding Electro groove. Au Château is out favourite of his tunes. Powered by a Moog Funk bassline and more of his piercing baroque lead lines this could have easily been on any number of Ed Banger Releases. Proper medieval Electro gold.

♫ Arvo Prime – Lin

♫ Arvo Prime – Au Château

Also check out his entry in the reMix contest for What You Want, one of the only listenable tracks on the new Boys Noize album. This slab of Industrial Funk was rated as one of his favourites by Ridha himself.

♫ Boys Noize – What You Want (Arvo Prime reMix)

Check out more from Arvo Prime on SoundCloud.


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