[MP3] Future Screens’ ‘One Summer’

Future Screens

Brooklyn Indie-electro trio Future Screens return this month to bring you summer imagined summer warmth in this chilly January. Once again mixing up the Indie, ElectroPop and Chillwave vibes, Futures Screens have dropped another easy pleaser. This time, invoking the powers of Dreamwave to aid them in their warm weather anthem.

One Summer, obviously the prefect title for this tune, is, as we just mentioned, probably the most anthemic track these guys have produced to date. A big nostalgic sing-a-long that covers you in waves of lush, dreamy synths and heartfelt vocals and a chorus that will be stuck in your head all day. Future screens always like to stay on the edge, writing catchy Pop songs but injecting them with a little experimental flair, and they do this perfectly hear, balancing and Indie-Pop crowd pleaser with something a little more intelligent. Good times.

Future Screens – One Summer

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