[Audio] Pinemarten’s new single


Falling For You is the forthcoming new single from Derbyshire’s finest Pinemarten. It’s been a few months since his I Can See EP but that’s not time wasted. Falling For You, and it’s B-side Built For Two, were recorded between September and November this year and have a particular autumnal feel.

It’s a track that features some of the sweetest synth solos we’ve heard in a while. While Falling For You’s core is a spacious, Funk fuelled, hazy soundscape, loaded with soulful drums, punchy digital bass, and reverb washed vocals, it;s when those solos kick in that the song is taken to the next level. Truly soaring stuff. The single is due for release later this month backed with two reMixes.

♫ Pinemarten – Falling For You

Pinemarten’s Falling For You is released 17th December.

Buy Pinemarten’s music from:

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