[Audio] Maya Jane Coles’ new EP

Maya Jane Coles

It’s been quite a while since we featured the work of Maya Jane Coles. We both featured She Is Danger and premiered music from Nocturnal Sunshine way back when. Indeed, back when Dubstep was still good, before Americans got hold of it and turned it into Heavy Metal. Since then we’ve been buyers of Miss Cole’s tunes but haven’t got around to writing about her for one reason or another.

Well, that’s all changed now, we’ve been dying to write about her new Easier To Hide EP for a couple of weeks now, just been waiting for the tracks to go public. And they have. So here you are. Maybe it’s just the mood we’re in right now, having just relocated back to London, but this collection of four tracks is really vibing with us right now. Deep and urban, complex yet soulful this enthralling EP, released on her new label ‘I Am Me’ is a melting pot of ideas and influences. More emphasis is placed on Maya’s vocals and signwriting, than there’s been since She Is Danger, allows her to create her typically post-Dubby deep Funky soundscapes and add an emotionally resonant topping. the EP kicks off with the title track, a shuffling Deep House track with an introspective indie vocal, a compelling combination. The hypnotic Over brings more of the same with body shaking bass and an inescapable looped riff laying the backing for Maya hushed tones. Run With The Wild provides a Funky Deep House interlude, vocally sparse and loaded with pulsating synths. The EP plays out on Back To Square one with sees Maya bringing back the big beats and sub-bass, which works amazingly well with her voice to create a kinda’ otherworldly, yet infectiously groovy, track to get lost in. If you’re not to bothered about genres, then this EP is definitely worth checking out.

♫ Maya Jane Coles – Easier To Hide

♫ Maya Jane Coles – Over

♫ Maya Jane Coles – Back To Square One

Maya Jane Cole’s Easier To Hide EP is released 7th December on Beatport.

Buy Maya Jane Coles’ music from:


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