[MP3] Leitbur reMixes Civilianz


This is the latest work from amazing, and highly underrated, LA SynthPop purveyor Leitbur. It’s a reMix of German Indie rockers Civilianz’s Came Of Age and Leitbur transforms a riotous guitar dirge into five minutes of sweet urban electronic bliss.

Keeps things hazy, Leitbur wraps the track in a warm Dreamwave blanket with ringing chimes and reverb washed synth melodies alongside a driving bassline and drums. The effect is almost Chillwave, but retaining the smooth retro feel of Leitbur’s music. The original’s vocals slide into the tune with ease resulting in a nostalgic ray of electronic sunshine that bears multiple plays.

Civilianz – Came Of Age (Leitbur Mix)

Check out more from Civilianz on SoundCloud.

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