[MP3] Steel Horses

steel horses

Steel Horses is the new side-project from the duo who brought you SynthWave/ElectroPop act Voyager. There Saint Petersburg residents are now turning their attention to some deep jackin’ House. Isn’t everybody these days! (Not that we’re complaining. Nu-Chicago, as nobody is calling it, is really worming it;s way into our hearts).

Feel It In My Beat is exactly what we’re talking about. Pure Chicago vibes and an addictive piano hook. Steel Horses let a hypnotic vocal sample ride over a low, low, warping bass and eerie strings, but the combination of everything is far from eerie, it’s proper late night House vibes and dark warehouse fodder. (Don’t) Stop The Music takes a slightly funkier approach, with hints of Boogie and lush sax riff against the burbling, almost Acidic, soup of synths. Deep bass and impulsive stabs keep this one moving. Impressive stuff for these guys new début. One to watch.

Steel Horses – Feel It In My Beat (Demo.)

Steel Horses – (Don’t) Stop The Music (Demo.)

Check out more from Steel Horses on SoundCloud.

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