[MP3] Arcade High’s ‘City Lights’

Arcade High

City Lights is the new one from Ryan Boosel, A.K.A. Arcade High. This guy has had a hell of a year, coming from nowhere to take the SynthWave scene by storm. Just use that little search box to your rights and check how much we’ve featured Arcade High in the last twelve months, we’ve pretty much loved everything he’s done, even moreso now he’s started dabbling in adding vocals to his work. City Lights is, unfortunately, vocal free (although it seems like it might have been arranged with vocals in mind?) but still shows off Arcade High’s beautiful, nostalgic, SynthWave sounds.

This is how we like our SynthWave, sparkly and emotional. Boosel wraps the listener up in a warm haze of vintage drum sounds, lush chords and melodies that slip into your mind. City Light’s is a nice combination of soundtrack-esque sounds with just a hint of Boosel’s ChipTune influences. It;s a really slick piece of SynthWave, we can’t help but wonder what it would sound like with vocals though.

Arcade High – City Lights

Arcade High’s The Art Of Youthis out now.

Buy Arcade High’s music from:

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