Mickey & Billie’s ‘Weekend’


Following on from his hit of last year, the Monarchy featuring Love For Sale, Belgian House meister Mickey has just dropped his new single. Featuring Sylvie ‘Billie’ Kreusch on vocals the new track, Weekend is a rework of Dutch band Earth & Fire’s 1979 classic.

Released yesterday on Smile Recordings, the single is one of a new generation of House Pop track that have been building over the last two or three years. Owing a massive nod to both late 80s Chicago House and early 90s Pop House the track rocks a slick, deep sound which when added to the quirky Disco vocal makes for an infectious four minutes. There’s even a little Tropical vibe in there too. reMixes on the single come from the surprise return of Little Loud, who was killing it with reMixes in 2010 who shows his Electro roots but pulls back the tempo, injecting the track with an gritty electronic Dub flavour that full of twisting synthetic emotion. The rest of the EP hold a pretty ecclectic, if a little uninspired dance reMix from Hot Creations’ Funky Fat and the dreamy instrumental of the track. We weren’t expecting new material from Mickey, so this crept up on us a little, but it;s a solid tune that show the man hasn’t been spending his time away idly

♫ Mickey (Feat. Billie) – Weekend (Original Mix)

♫ Mickey (Feat. Billie) – Weekend (Little Loud reMix)

Mickey & Billie’s Weekend is out now.

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