Goldroom reMixed by Final DJs


LA smoothmeister Goldroom’s single before his last single, the Chella featuring Fifteen, was a reMixers dream. Chella’s nostalgic, passionate vocal is like a gift to a talented producer. So, unaspiringly the track has been reMixed by everyone under the sun. Is there room for one more? Well, there is if it is Germany’s Final DJs taking you on a slow-mo SynthWave oddessy. Eight minutes of synth bliss to follow.

Yes, we said eight minutes! Final DJs reMix is a epic tune that reins in the tempo compared to their usual output allowing the song to breathe. Pinned on an head nodding digital slap bassline, the track takes it’s great length to evolve throughout.  Starting off with a relaxed beach vibe, Final DJs slowly add more and more elements associated with their traditional SynthWave tunes, playing off and around that Tropical Disco vibe to create something greater than the sum of tis parts. Just let yourself sink into the groove.

Goldroom (Feat. Chela) – Fifteen (Final DJs’ ‘When We Were Young’ reMix)

Goldroom’s EP is out now.

Buy Goldroom’s music from:

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