Final DJs’ ‘BMX Madness’

Final DJs

Germany’s most synthtastic duo, Final DJs, are back with another brand new tune. these guys tend to put all kinds of stuff in their mixing bowl, this time around they’ve cooked up a little mix of French Touch and SynthWave, for a tune that is as nostalgic as it rocks hard.

They’ve got their filters sweeps working overtime on BMX Madness. It’s a track that sets the stage for their forthcoming new EP, the follow-up to their excellent Gossip Country EP, and it’s got everything you’d want from a big slice of French Disco-House. A rising filtered groove, a big retro riff and some squealing funk synths. Then things go a little 80s crazy with a wailing solo deposited right in the middle of proceedings, which sounds like it shouldn’t work, but Final DJs make it sound effortlessly right. a coursing high-point to an infectious dancefloor bomb.

Final DJs – BMX Madness

Final DJs’ Gossip Country EP is out now.

Buy Final DJs’ music from:

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