Mitch Murder’s ‘Rush’

mitch murder

Tension mount thought Swedish SynthWave master Mitch Murder’s new tune, Rush. Back in a soundtrack groove after the retro Pop of Feel The Air and the Twin Peaks homage Traces To Nowhere, Rush sees Mitch back doing what he does best, being better than everyone else in the world at 80’s synthesizer soundtrack music.

And Rush is a soundtrack unto itself, taking the listen through three or four ‘set pieces’, from the frantic opening section that sets up the action, this is lead by a soaring solo into a more relaxed chunk, contemplative synth work and intertwining melodies forming a reflective mood. Following from this the high pace picks up again, this time more jarring and disjointed, the digital bass trying to keep to with the different flying elements as the track heads into a big string finale. How Mitch takes us on this electronic music journey is a work of art. No one rocks a synth like Mitch Murder, and no-one tells a story quite like him either.

♫ Mitch Murder – Rush

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