HiFi Brown’s ‘My Own Nothing’

HiFi Brown

HiFi Brown is a German producer with a leaning toward big bassy Boogie and buzzing analog synths. He just released his début album, Cancer, which you can get a taste of right here with the lead track, My Own Nothing.

My Own Nothing is a deep grooved Disco monster. Equal parts Cosmic and Urban Boogie, My Own Nothing slinks along powered by an infectious bassline, repetitive and hypnotic, the bassline draws you into the track where you are treated to space-age, shimmering, synths flying left and right. HiFi Brown cuts right to the heard of the Funk and distils groove down to it’s purest form, ready to move your body and mind.

♫ HiFi Brown – My Own Nothing

HiFi Brown’s Cancer is out now.

Buy HiFi Brown’s music from:


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