BeatauCue reMix Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club

Hot on the heels of the release of their new album, Beacon, reMixes of Bangor Indie-Dance stars Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Along are coming in thick and fast. The single was released earlier this month and features reMixes from the likes of BeNi and The Knocks. Right here, though, we have a reworking from French noisy Disco merchants BeatauCue.

BeatauCue set you up with the original tune before dropping you right into a rockin’ Disco assault. Big speaker destroying beats and thick, thick synths dominate the track, yet it still manages to encompass the gentleness of the vocals. Chopping up the vocals in places, layering a darkly groovy bassline, buzzsaw synth and that fat French sound serves as a nice counterpoint to the track itself. Huge stuff from Alexis and Mederic!

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (BeatauCue reMix)

Two Door Cinema Club’s Sleep Alone single is out now.

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