Cosmonauts’ ‘Love Me Tonight’


Here’s a new freebie from London’s galactic Disco dons Cosmonauts. The track takes a slightly different slant to the cosmic groove we are used to hearing from them. This time they are dropping a classic sounding early ‘90’s House track

Suitably, for a retro House tune, Love Me Tonight lifts and tweaks the vocal from the classic 1993 House track of the same name from Anthony White. Cosmonaut’s slow things down a bit and slide the vocal into their own interpretation of deep Chicago jams, complete with digital bass, brass stabs and sample trickery. The guys add their own little flavour to the ‘90’s House revival mix by rolling in a little Tropical percussion and a cheeky hit of space-age buzzing synth work. A nice weekend diversion.

Cosmonauts – Love Me Tonight

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