Chew Lips reMixed by XXXY

Chew Lips

In the build up to the release of their awesome new single, Hurricane,  Chew Lips (feels weird writing it like that) have release yet another shiny reMix of the track. This time stepping up to the reMix plate id London House guru XXXY. Time to get bassy.

XXXY’s reMix is totally Chicago House fun, and strikingly Chew Lips track, particularly Tigs’ vocals fit that perfectly. It’s all deep square wave basses, ‘90’s House piano, there might even be a little accordion in there, and while this hypnotic groove might seem antithetical to Chew Lips’ chaotic liveness, it actually all works so smoothly. We always knew what a classic, powerful voice Tigs’ had, but with a ‘90’s House backing, her voice seems to go into full-on diva mode.

♫ Chew Lips – Hurricane  (XXXY reMix)

Chew Lips’ new single Hurricane is released 3rd September.

Buy Chew Lips’ music from:

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