Joy Division reMixed by Christian Strobe

Joy Division

Generally, going anywhere near Post-Punk icons Joy Division with your reMixing intentions is a very brave, and normally doomed, move. Having a crack at Love Will Tear Us Apart seems like a bit of a futile move. Christian Strobe, however, puts in a valiant effort that deserves, at the very least, recognition.

The German producer’s take on the classic drops a bit of a Tropical and a bit of a Balearic sound into the mix. Which, admittedly, isn’t the first vibe we think of when we consider Joy Division. But Strobe seems to make it work, the big room House tone actually flows reasonable well with the song. Strobe even makes the chorus pretty euphoric. Despite being a match made in hell, the Christian Strobe reMix of Love Will Tear Us Apart works, it shouldn’t, but it does. I guess that just something we’re all going to have to live with from now on.

Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart (Christian Strobe reMix)

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