Panama reMixed by Midnight Magic


Australian outfit Panama’s Magic isn’t strictly a new track, neither is the reMix from Brooklyn’s Midnight Magic. But the band have just been signed by Future Classic who are set to release the tune properly this month.

Sitting alongside a reMixes from LCD Soundsystem’s Gavin Russon, the Midnight Magic mix is a slick, late night DiscoPop jam. Summery and sexy, Midnight Magic’s mix  glides out of the speaks to permeate every corner of the room with it’s rich piano and cosmic synth squelches. The actual song is quite an airy Indie-Electro tune that lends itself perfectly to a mirrorball spectacular like this. Shuffling hats and a pure Disco bassline keep a rolling groove going, solid and smooth, so the starlight synths can dance around the track. As the title says, it’s Magic.

Panama – Magic (Midnight Magic reMix)

Buy Panama’s music from:


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