Pyramid’s ‘The Frontier’


A new track from France’s Pyramid is always something to get excited about. Always delivering the very best Sci-Fi synth music, Pyramid’s musical narrative and ability to combine the atmospheric and the funky makes every one of his tunes a killer. Hot on the heels of his ‘Rising Day reMixes’ EP come this new track, the driving The Frontier.

The Frontier brings all Pyramid’s talents together. There’s the epic, cinematic quality to Pyramid’s tracks, a solid Disco groove, a hint of French Touch and some of the most rousing solo work we have heard in a while. Add to this a big euphoric breakdown and you’ve got a track that ticks all the boxes.  An airy journey though a futuristic soundscape, The Frontier is such an intricately crafted track, there’s so much going on and so much of it is really subtle, like half heard bass flourishes, or blended textures. Pyramid really is a master when it comes to creating musically rich, SynthWave and Nu-Disco. Roll on the album.

Pyramid – The Frontier

The ‘Rising Day reMixes’ EP is out now on Beatport.

Buy Pyramid’s music from:

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