Mindscramble reMixes Swagbot


OK, try an ignore the fact that Swagbot is a truly terrible name, the guy is a young Canadian producer who generally makes some pretty decent Italo noises. But right now just sit back and enjoy the massive SynthWave sounds that Manchester’s Mindscramble has produced in reMixing him.

Mindscramble (which, no dis, isn’t gonna’ win prizes in the names category either), conjures up such a rich tapestry of synthetic sounds with is reMix of Planet X that it’s hard not to get lost in this track. Intricately programmed riffs fly left and right while a solid, but emotional, rhythm section keeps the densely layered tune in check. It’s hard to produce tracks with so much going on, the mix is hard to get right, but Mindscramble seems to handle the balance with ease. With an underlying euphoria that shows Mindscramble’s roots this reMix is both driving and emotionally resonant, and what more could you ask for on the dancefloor?

♫ Swagbot – Planet X (Mindscramble reMix)

Swagbot’s Planet X is out now.

Buy Swagbot’s music from:

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