Vince Clarke reMixes LIARS


‘No.1 Against The Rush’ is the new single from Californian Indie-Electro weirdos and Mute signees, LIARS. The track starts of well with some lovely electronic tones but around the halfway point slips into slightly mediocre Folktronika. Luckily one of the biggest perks of being on Mute must be access to the legend that is Mr. Vince Clarke.

Vince’s reMix of ‘No.1 Against The Rush’ is a pulsing, synthetic, joy. Combining elements of EBM, House and his love of all things analog synth this reMix whisky your up in it’s dancefloor mesmerism and turns the vocal, originally a half heard sigh amongst the dirge, into a powerful lament. At one this track is both fresh and reminiscent of some of the heydays of clubbing. Mr. Clarke’s repetitive, undulating groove pins the whole track down with the kind of driving force found on early ‘90’s dancefloors in dimly lit European clubs. He’s bringing the New Beat back!

♫ LIARS – No.1 Against The Rush (Vince Clarke reMix)

‘No.1 Against The Rush’ is released 28th May on Mute.

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