tEPr reMixes Woodkid


This week saw the release of the new single from last years king of blog-hype, Woodkid, ‘Run Boy Run’. It’s a typically introspective slice of avant-Pop, the kind we have gotten used to from Woodkid in the past year, the man has a skill for crafting really thoughtful tracks, both musically and lyrically. Remember how huge ‘Iron’ was last year. While the internet is bound to get all excited about the fact that there is a SebastiAn reMix on the single, to be honest it’s kinda’ mediocre. The easy highlight of the bunch comes from one of our favourite producers, and one third of one of our favourite bands, Yelle, tEPr.

It’s not the first time tEPr and Woodkid have crossed paths. Woodkid, A.K.A. Yoann Lemoine, directed Yelle’s ‘Ce Jeu’ video in his other guise as video creator, so maybe this is him returning the favour. tEPr’s reMix of the track is a deep throbbing slice of Electro-esque House. Highlighting Woodkid’s intimate vocal style and ‘Run Boy Run’’s primal percussion, tEPr applies then to a rock solid robotic beat and some nice Chicago stabs creating an interesting contrast of machine music and Woodkid’s incredibly human song. Not quite as Disco as we’re used to from tEPr, but he’s got this House thing down. It’ll be interesting to see whether this style was adopted just for the rEMix of if we’ll see tEPr heading down this path in future.

♫ Woodkid – Run Boy Run (tEPr reMix)

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