Van She X SebastiAn

van she

I think everyone in the world has been waiting for this one! Teasers of SebastiAn’s reMix of Van She new single ‘Idea Of Happiness’ has been making some big waves. The single isn’t out until later this month (unless you want to buy iTunes quality…in which case you can pick it up now, but being a discerning music fan I will presume you don’t buy from iTunes and would rather wait a few days for quality), so it surprising, but very welcome that Modular Recordings have decided to give away the track, I guess they knew people couldn’t wait.

And the track lives up to it’s preceding reputation. SebastiAn amps up the disjointed French Disco and applies it to the tune liberally. Gone are the big rave synths, to be replaced with a particular cinematic slice funky bass, wicked Disco licks and big strings. It’s actually quite a ‘classic banger’, if such a think can exist yet. It’s got all the right elements, in the right places, of the golden age of Ed Banger tunes, which seeing as it a reMix of Van She’s comeback tunes, is more than fitting and will definitely put a smile on your face. If you have missed French Disco experimentalists reMixing Australian, electronically leaning, IndiePop artists (it happened all the time in 2008!) then you will love this track. We do! (Classic Van She picture seemed appropriate).

Van She – Idea Of Happiness (SebastiAn reMix)

The single is released properly 13th May and features additional reMixes from Jonti, Hervé, and What So Not. Van She’s new album will be out this 6th July on Modular Recordings.

Buy Van She’s music from:

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