Mitch Murder’s ‘Phobos Gun Run’

mitch murder

The undisputed king of SynthWave, Mitch Murder, dropped another new track over the weekend, proving he’s still on top form, still an innovator and still light-years ahead of most of the pack in teams of musical ability and pure flair for, and understanding of, retro synth music.

Obviously for someone so influenced by electronic ‘80’s movie soundtracks this was bound to crop up sooner or later, but this is probably the most Vince DiCola-esque peice that I have ever heard Mr. Murder produce. Drawing from DiColoa’s trademark mixture of both arpeggiated & sliding digital slap bass and staccato orchestral hits with big powerful progressions, Mitch Murder adds this to his own repertoire of urgent vintage synth lines and Moroder grooves. The synth solo in the track is simply stunning, it takes synth shredding to a whole new level and lifts the track up to stratospheric heights. Mitch Murder had produced another huge slice of otherworldly, nostalgic, synthesizer brilliance, and with amazingly clean, subtle production highlighted just how much work the much of the SynthWave scene has to do to be on his level.

♫ Mitch Murder – Phobos Gun Run

Mitch Murder’s amazing ‘Current Events’ album is out now.

Buy Mitch Murder’s music from:

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