Bright Light Bright Light new single, new reMix, new competition

Bright Light Bright Light

Next week sees the release of the new single from Welsh ElectroPop sensation Bright Light Bright Light. Long time readers will know we’ve been following Rod’s career since the ‘olden days’, in the last two years he’s released some of the biggest, slickest, ElectroPop tracks out there. Every one of BLx2’s tracks to date have been modern classics, each one addictively catchy, and each one increasingly indulging Rod’s love of all things ‘90’s.

And ‘Waiting For The Feeling’ revels in it’s retro-ness. From it’s Darude-esque bass riff to the big Piano House riff, that could have come straight off MTV Europe circa 1994, it’s a celebration of the ‘90’s. A celebration of classic songwriting too, Rod’s vocal chops and his ability to write perfect Pop hook both shine through in the single, you’ll be humming it for days. Bright Light Bright Light’s love of the ‘90’s culminates in the reMix package for ‘Waiting For The Feeling’, it’s like a collection of all the names you found in the reMix credits on singles in the back then, I didn’t even know these people were still alive! K Klass put in an appearance. K Klass! Apparently they are still around and knocking out pretty awesome reMixes from the sound of their deep, almost tribal mix. And Trouser Enthusiasts! His reMix, which we are exclusively premièring below, is his first in a decade. Trouser Enthusiasts work for the likes of Sunscreem (Particularly), Saint Etienne and Pet Shop Boys we’re big parts of my life during that period, it really is awesome that Rod got him back in the studio to work on this. He’s lost none of his his flair, the mix is actually pretty ‘Trouser Enthusiasts’ (if that makes sense) but, despite being heavily ‘90’s sounding, really doesn’t sound dated. Massive and majestic, this reMix hopefully sees a return to production for Trouser Enthusiasts. A single this catchy will surely get Bright Light Bright Light the attention he deserves so much.

♫ Bright Light Bright Light – Waiting For The Feeling (Trouser Enthusiasts reMix)

♫ Bright Light Bright Light – Waiting For The Feeling

Bright Light Bright Light will be launching his new album ‘Make Me Believe In Hope’ on 13th June at the Camp Basement in London playing with his full band and supported by Sylver Tongue. We’ve got two pairs of tickets (well not tickets per-se, guest list spaces, which actually makes you look even more special!) to give away.

To win free entry for you and your +1 you must be following both Bright Light Bright Light, @brightlightx2, and us, @electronicrumor, on Twitter, then simply tweet the following:

Hey @electronicrumor, I wanna’ go to @brightlightx2’s album launch more than anything in the world! Hook me up!

We’ll keep on listening until 11th May, then everyone who entered will have their name written on a scrap of paper, screwed up, and I’ll pick two out of my very fetching Pork Pie hat. The lucky winners will be notified on Twitter and announced right here, for those that fate doesn’t smile upon here are all the details of the show, you might as well go anyway!

Waiting For The Feeling’’ is out now ahead of the début BLX2 album, ‘Make Me Believe In Hope’, out 4th June.

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