LPZ’s ‘1983’


Lopez, or LPZ as they like to be known, are a Paraguayan trio continuing in that fine tradition of not being able to think of a band name so just dropping the vowels out of something. A tradition I think most people think it’s time to abandon. Name aside, they are releasing am EP on relatively new London House label Body Work next month and the title track is pretty damn special.

The other two tracks on the ‘1983’ EP are OK, ‘Snake & Butterfish’ is a hypnotically groovy, if a little uninspired, dark tribal Acid tune and ‘Mafia (Dub)’ is a nice dub flavoured Deep House track that unfortunately never seems to go anywhere. But ‘1983’ itself, is stratospherically above the rest of the EP, and worth the price of the EP alone. Mixing up a late night House vibe with B-Boy Electro sensibilities crates an intoxicating slice of dancefloor gold to loose yourself in but that keeps a poppin’ & lockin’ flavour. This should seriously be a staple of any DJs record box, drop just when the crowd is suitably warmed up and sit back and enjoy. Watch that low funky bassline and Sci-Fi synths do their work. “Funky Fresh for 1983”? Funky fresh for right now, I’d say.

♫ LPZ – 1983

LPZ’s ‘1983’ EP is out 14th May on Body Work.

Buy LMZ’s music from:


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