Friday Bridge & Nicolas Makelberge


Friday Bridge are a Sweedish SynthPop duo that mix in a little Baroque in to their Pop, they’ve been around for about half a decade but I know them from their team-up with Johan Agebjörn on his ‘Casablanca Nights’ album. I can actually find very little information about them ,and even less about their newest collaborative partner Nicolas Makelberge. I can only assume it’s because they are actually deep cover government operatives with some hidden agenda who are only masquerading as makers of awesome ElectroPop.

So that their cover isn’t blown, lets just play along and hope no-one shoots/stabs/poisons us. This new single, ‘Dark Heart’ is a bright shiny slice of DiscoPop that Friday Bridge claimed in their email contains some “saucy “oh’s”” , they’re not wrong. The thing is chock full of saucy “oh’s” and smooth dancefloor friends basslines. It’s actually a pretty unique combination between sexy Disco grooves and that Scandinavian iciness you usually find in more experimental outfits like The Knife. Here, that slightly razors-edge feel is interestingly applied to more traditional, friendly, ElectroPop and the end result it something brand new. Disco grooves, Pop sheen and an edge of danger. We’re definitely now looking forward to hearing more from these guys new album. On an unrelated note, I might start producing a line of canned spaghetti hoops in tomato sauce called ‘saucy oh’s’.

Friday Bridge & Nicolas Makelberge – Dark Heart

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