Figure Of 8 reMixes Sullivan & Gold


According to their bio for the Stripes & Stars festival (one of the scarce few peices of information about them online), acoustic duo Sullivan & Gold “is more a collective than a band aiming at making music that they enjoy”, aside from the fact that I’m not entirely sure two people can really be a collective (pretension alert!), this hilarious lack of grammar makes it sound like these two guys are dedicated to making music they hate. Never mind, here’s something to cheer them up. Figure Of 8 has reMixed their track ‘Jigsaws’.

The the deal was that the Smalltown America label got Sullivan & Gold in the studio to record some music that they didn’t enjoy, along with Our Krypton Son, to be released as a vinyl EP backed with reMixes from Figure Of 8 and Dollface, and the whole thing would be completed in 24 hours. It’s quite a cool concept and a great opportunity to hear what talented musicians can come up with on the fly. Figure Of 8’s reMix was completed in around 8 hours and you can tell he had a lot of fun with it. Taking the acoustic folk and making something deeply synthetic, Figure Of 8 yet with tons of soul. The machine beats and robo-bass juxtaposing nicely with a real human quality to the sparkly synth work.

♫ Sullivan & Gold – Jigsaws (Figure Of 8 reMix)

You can pre-order the vinyl here.

Check out more from Sullivan & Gold, well, nowhere because they have zero web presence, which might be due to the fact they aren’t a band making music they enjoy. Bless.

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