Douglas McCarthy’s new single

So, if you’re at all into the history of electronic or Dance music Douglas J. McCarthy, one half of the legendary Nitzer Ebb, should need no introduction. After decades of band work and collaborations he’s finally got around to releasing some solo material, the first being this single  ‘Hey’.

Robin Nixon directs this clip, sombre to match the mood of the track which features McCarthy’s instantly recognizable vocals crooning over some deep, hypnotic Tech House.

‘Hey’ is out 9th April with the album ‘Life Is Sucking The Life Out Of Me’ on the 30th.

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3 comments on “Douglas McCarthy’s new single

  1. A new album will be released and ‘Life is sucking the life out of me’ was aborted. Stephen Papke isn’t in the team. The album is made by Douglas McCarthy and producer Mark Bell for SHABOOM RECORDS. Don’t trust any other label credits.

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