Malibu B’s new tune

malibu b

Malibu B is back with another new tune, ‘Alfa’ is so full of Italo goodness it’s hard not to love it.

Bright and shiny, with some awesome percussion, ‘Alfa’ kicks of with a military Italo bassline. Rigid and marching the rhythm section provides a rock steady synthetic backing for Malibu B to layer some heave electronic emotions on us.  There’s something quite haunting about the ringing melody of ‘Alfa’, something quite listless too. In generally it’s a pretty uplifting tune, but shot through with an air of melancholy that suits the moody Italo groove.

Malibu B – Alfa

Malibu B’s ‘Endgame’ is out now on Binalog Productions.

Buy Malibu B’s music from:


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