Daroc’s new EP

Daroc is back! It’s been a while since we heard anything from the French SynthWave producer and even longer singe we wrote about him (years in fact). But he’s just dropped a brand new EP, and it was worth the wait.

From the opening BladeRunner synth sweeps of ‘Initial’, the first track, you know you’re in for a full on Sci-Fi synth experience. The track soon kicks into a Post-Italo Electro masterpiece, driven along by an appreciated bassline the track layers neon soaked electronics and haunting melodies thick and leads into ‘Paychodio’, a track that exists at the place where Moroder and Tangerine Dream meet to record the soundtrack to a dystopian metropolis.It really shows off why Daroc is regarded so highly by many of the top electronic music producers in France, Kavinsky, Jupiter, Gaspard Augé to name a few. ‘Escale’ slows things down and lest Daroc show off his skills for creating moods and atmospheres with electronics. A peice that is beautiful and a little scary, ‘Escale’ is a nice interlude in the ‘movie’ that is ‘Destination’. The original tracks come to a close on ‘Sea Steria’, a majestic track with an almost baroque feel built on cosmic sweeps and piercing melodies. The EP rounds off with three reMixes, the best of which comes from John Lord Fonda and old school electronic rumors illumni 4TrackZ and Mmmattias who all bring some big Electro dancefloor sensibility to the tracks. I’m gonna’ go ahead and say this is one of my favourite releases of the year so far, and it’s highly recommended.

♫ Daroc – Initial

♫ Daroc – Psychodio

♫ Daroc – Escale

Daroc’s ‘Destination’ EP is out now.

Buy Daroc’s music from:


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