New music from Parallels


Oh hell yeah! Toronto’s finest, Parallels, are back in the game!

The Canadian SynthPop duo have announced the June release of their second album, ‘XII’, the follow up to their stunning début, ‘Visionaries’. The first track to see the light of day from the album is ‘Moonlight Desires’, actually a cover of Canadian ‘80’s artist Gowen, a bright, shiny SynthPop dream. Apparently the new album won’t be as dark as ‘Visionaries’, but if this track is anything to go by it’ll be awesome. The shimmering synths in ‘Moonlight Desires’ are more ‘80’s and Playful than in the slightly more aggressive tracks on ‘Visionaries’ but we think that’ll make for a nice companion album.

Parallels – Moonlight Desires

‘XII’ is due out 26th June.

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