The Ghosts’ ‘Ghosts’ video

The biggest tragedy we’ve had to report on here on electronic rumors was the premature passing away of Où Est Le Swimming Pool singer Charlie Haddon, it was a shocking time for ElectroPop fans and I imagine a tough time for his bandmates.

Où Est keyboard player Alex is gaining a bit of attention with his new project, The Ghosts, who are just about to release their second single, ‘Ghosts’. A wonderfully catchy slice of Indie-Electro that shares some obvious Où Est DNA but carves out a sound of it’s own. With it’s heavy synths played against some distant gangly Indie guitar it strikes exactly the right balance for success. Check out the Alex Kyrou directed video which is nicely spooky and tongue in cheek.

‘Ghosts’ is released 8th April on Pocket Records with The Ghosts’ début album released the following week.

Buy The Ghosts’ music from:


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