Enjoyed’s new EP


Is post-Chillwave a thing yet? If it is I would say Enjoyed are trailblazing the Genre, he bills himself as Joystep, not sure if thet’s a thing either, and his new EP, ‘Paws Extended’ (a stuffed-full-of-extra-goodies version of his ‘Paws’ EP of last year) definitely has more in common with things that end with ‘wave than things that end with ‘step.

The lead track of the EP, ‘Paws’ is warm and sublime, a swirling soundscape of relaxed Synths and reverb washed vocals that ebb and flow over a simple ,but Funk laden bassline. It’s ghostly groove is compelling and intoxicating. The EP continues with the hazy dub of ‘‘Waterfoot’ before launching into ‘Pupsqueak’, a meeting of the best of Chillwave with the more eclectic end of LA Funk. A deep, loose rhythm section provides rolling bass for the distant vocals and toytown synth leads to play over. ‘Swap’ sees Enjoyed in a hypnotic House mode that demands to be played in seedy clubs on hot city nights. reMixes are supplied by Glyphs, Vanilla, Ghosting Season and  NazcarNation, who bring the broken beats and droning synths in a mid-frequency, mesmerizing, slice of Urban Funk.

♫ Enjoyed – Paws

♫ Enjoyed – Pupsqueak

♫ Enjoyed – Swap

Enjoyed – Paws (NazcarNation Remake)

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