Mitch Murder’s ‘Heading South’

mitch murder

Mitch Murder is just on a roll, ever since the release of his ‘Current Event’s album (number two in our best albums of 2011!) he’s been delivering awesome new track after track, and basically taking the whole retro synth scene to school (which, I imagine, would be kinda’ like the detention in The Breakfast Club).

This week’s fresh cut is ‘Heading South’, which sees old Mitch going right to his outrun core. A SynthWave narrative of a race to the boarder, but Mr. Murder opts for a laid back groove to get him there. The synths shimmer, the beat drive, the tale is told. Right now you can’t expect a finer SynthWave track than one of Mitch Murder’s productions, you know what to expect, he constantly impresses with both his production and his musical talent. This is the soundtrack to our Saturday.

♫ Mitch Murder – Heading South

Mitch Murder’s ‘Current Events’ is out now.

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