Montevideo’s ‘Horses’


Belgian eclectic Indie-Electro/Disco outfit Montevideo have a new single in the works. Following up their ‘Tribal Dance’, dropped through Relish Recordings, with this new track, ‘Horses’. What you have here is like a soundclash between Moroder and Passion Pit that’s being released on Smile Recordings later in February.

Just one cut from their forthcoming album, which they are currently recording with none other than Joakim, ‘Horses’ was recorded at the DFA studios in New York. Lucky people! If you’ve ever seen the DFA studios you’ll know it’s like an Aladdin’s cave of vintage, rare and quirky electronic equipment. I must be such fun to record there. Unsurprisingly, then ‘Horse’ has a bit of a New York Disco feel to it, the buzzy synths and Moroder-esque arpeggios see to that. it’s a nice groove that’s added upon with a layer of summery Indie-Electro. Hopefully the album will be out in time for the warmer months, this kind if left-field Indie-Disco, a bit laid back, a bit funky, a bit interesting, always goes down well on chilled summer’s days. There’s also a re-work from Mickey on the way, which ups the Moroder quota considerable, you can hear a small snippet here.

♫ Montevideo – Horses (Radio Edit)

‘Horses’ is released 13th February on smile Recordings.

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