Mellophonia’s new EP


Mellophonia is the alter-ego of Mikhail Khvasko, also head honcho at Mellophonia Records, one of Russia’s most well respected electronic Disco labels.

For this latest release Mikhail has joined forces with Mi Ami’s Damon Palermo to create an EP of raw, live sounding Cosmic Disco. The EP opener ‘Lunar Landscapes’ is a warm synthesizer journey offworld, and experience of electronic experimentalism and melody. Dominated by live drumming, rich Moog textures and an impressive musicianship the track is like Jarre, Vangelis or Tangerine Dream indulging themselves with a Disco jam session. ‘Sky Glide’ is more of a solid groove track with massive helpings of Moog Funk and thick synth sounds. The EP is backed up with reMixes from Black Devil Disco Club and In Flagranti, and the whole thing feels like something fresh, a bit of a change, yet keeps the Disco vibe going.

♫ Mellophonia – Lunar Landscape

♫ Mellophonia – Sky Glide

The ‘Lunar Landscape’ EP is out 21st November on Lo Recordings.

Buy Mellophonia’s music from:


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