Buffetlibre’s new tunes


The Buffetlibre boys stopped by the electronic rumors Inbox to showcase a couple of their new tunes.

Featuring the vocal talents of Δngelo, ‘Far From Heaven’ is three and a half minutes of slick Nu-Disco inspired ElectroPop that compliments Δngelo’s soulful vocals and Disco bassline with a layer of heavy ‘90’s House piano. It’s as dancefloor as it is Poppy and works well in either arena. It’s companion, ‘Bali Honeymoon’ is more of a straight-up Balearic affair. Both tracks come from the duo’s forthcoming new album ‘Songs For Elaine’ that features guest spots from the likes of Micah P Hinson, Peter Von Poehl, Spinto Band & Plushgun.

Buffetlibre (Feat. Δngelo) – Far From Heaven

Buffetlibre – Bali Honeymoon

‘Songs For Elaine’ is due out next year.

Buy Buffetlibre’s music from:

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