Laidback Luke & Black Cards reMix Anjulie


I’ve not come across Anjulie before, apparently she’s rockin’ gold records in her native Canada, obviously not made it this side of the Atlantic yet.

What I do know, however, is Laidback Luke has done his big Disco-House thing to her latest single ‘Brand New Bitch’ and loaded it with simple but infectious riffs and massive synth sounds. It controls the room with it;s builds like only Laidback Luke can. Black Cards also contribute a reMix, apparently this is someone from Fall Out Boy’s electronic project. It’s a tad dated, but now bad really. I’m saying ‘apparently’ in this post a lot, not really got a lot to say about either Anjulie (I don’t think I’d be a fan un-reMixed) or Fall Out Boy, the tunes are pretty good though, kinda’ what I’m in the mood for today.

Anjulie – Brand New Bitch (Laidback Luke reMix)

Anjulie – Brand New Bitch (Black Cards reMix)

‘Brand New Bitch’ is out now.

Buy Anjulie’s music from:


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